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Silber+Rosen: 2.1. Silber: Antiksilber

Christopher Dresser (British, 1834–1904). For firm of Hukin Health. Toast rack, 1881. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Robert L. Isaacson, 1985 (1985.311)

The Tiffany "Magnolia" Vase, 1893

The Attarouthi Treasure - Silver Dove, late 6th–early 7th century. The dove, with wings spread and feet tucked up as if in flight, represents the Holy Spirit that appeared over the head of Christ as he was baptized by Saint John the Forerunner. Originally a small cross hung from the loop in its beak. Byzantine.

The Attarouthi Treasure - Silver Dove

Verschiedene Silbergefäße,Antiquitäten Parfüm,Silber Parfüm,Parfüm-Lampen,Parfüm Schnupftabakflaschen,Antiquitäten Silber,Gespräch,De Parfum,Gilt Perfume

Tea set, Paul A. Lobel for International Silver Co., Wilcox SIlver Plate Division, 1934, silver plate, wood

Antique French Perfume Bottle.

von Nordstrom

'Bulbo' Kettle

Teegesellschaft,Schöner Wohnen,Wann,Beautiful Kettle,Beautiful Shape,Kettle Nambe,Nambe Tea,Nambe 1,Nambe Stainless