Erkunde Zukünftige Projekte, Es Ist Hammer und noch mehr!

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Nachtstücke....I love the quotes on this blog!!! Pictures too!

HAHAHA I believe this to an extent. Some people expect kids to be quiet and perfect every second. While I don't believe that is fair...rude, crappy kids can be a result of parents just giving up! Turns them into robots!!!!

Prince Charming @Katie Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Harland WE SAW HIM IN A TREE @Martha Barrera Salazar

even if you just went out to get the mail!

Eine durch Schrägstriche getrennte Ansammlung von Wörtern, die nichts über mich verrät.

its true. in fact i try having full blown conversations with my husband as he tried to fall asleep

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