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Erkunde Team Aus, Mit Einem und noch mehr!

Weltweite Knebelversuche aufhalten mit dem fabelhaften Plan, unsere Demokratie mit einem globalen Team aus Rechtsexperten zu schützen. ..... Stop the crackdown - ..... Acabemos con la represión -



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"I was just following orders and the law of the land" was a justification of Nazi leaders tried at Nuremberg.

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The Israeli destruction in Gaza can be seen from space and the world still can't see it.

Thanks to filmaker Louie Schwartzberger for his wonder, curiosity and reverence for life. .....


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The Republicans to the American people, "defund Planned Parenthood, or the government gets it!"

The World's Economy Explained With Just Two Cows...

The World's Economy Explained With Just Two Cows...

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Why the battle between Athens and Brussels matters to all of you

There is a lot being written about the current negotiations between the Syriza government in Greece and the EU/IMF. The distance of most journalists from the Greek reality and atmosphere and the sheer volume of competing information, makes for a lot of white noise. I want to filter much of it out and boil the issues down to some very basic points. This is by no means a definitive list, but it is one which I think captures a number of “big ticket items” which I have not seen made clearly and…