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Erkunde Undefiniert, Kaltblut und noch mehr!

American Bashkir Horse is the only breed that is hypoallergenic, thereby not causing reactions in people who are allergic to horse dander. It looks like a labradoodle or a hybrid sheep-horse lol :)

Im in love with this horse! I want him soooo bad!!

Mode Black Forest cold blood V: Mining MV: bar * 1998 Chestnut Stm 152 cm

Belgian Brabant stallion Wino. Ouch, what a name. photo: Gosia Mąkosa Equine Art Photography.

Schwarzwälder stallion Morgan, © Sylvia K. Brehm. Known also as Black Forest Horse, Schwarzwälder Fuchs, St. Märgener Fuchs and Wälderpferd. Schwarzwälder is from south Germany. It's a draft but smaller and lighter as, for example, Belgians. They resemble usually a small Noriker. They are always chestnuts with flaxen mane and tail, usually quite dark ones. They're still used as drafts and carriage horses but also as leisure riding horses.

BRETON stallion POPEYE.The Breton was created in Brittany through the crossbreeding of many different European and Oriental breeds.There are three distinct subtypes of the Breton, each coming from a different area of Brittany. The Corlay Breton is the smallest type, and is generally used for light draft and under saddle work. The Postier Breton is used for harness and light farm work. The Heavy Draft Breton is the largest subtype, and is generally used for the hardest draft

I have never seen horses like these before - they are adorable... Breton mare and foal

Ardennes Draft Horse Stallion 8630-19V :: Horses Stock Photography and Equine Images by Mark J. Barrett