Erkunde Pferde, Kaltblut und noch mehr!

Bretonenhengst Trait-Typ_1

American Bashkir Horse is the only breed that is hypoallergenic, thereby not causing reactions in people who are allergic to horse dander. It looks like a labradoodle or a hybrid sheep-horse lol :)

Black Forest Horse: also called Schwarzwälder Kaltblut, St. Märgener, and Wälderpferd, the Black Forest Horse is a small, tough draft breed with a high fertility rate and a long life span. Origins This breed is similar in looks to a large Haflinger or a small Noriker and is well suited for the intense climate of the highlands. In 1896 an association was formed to standardize and document the breed.

Mode Black Forest cold blood V: Mining MV: bar * 1998 Chestnut Stm 152 cm

Im in love with this horse! I want him soooo bad!!

Beautiful Akhal Teke, the national horse of Turkmenistan

Ardennais draft horses

Belgian Brabant stallion Wino. Ouch, what a name. photo: Gosia Mąkosa Equine Art Photography.

Pompeii, gypsy vanner,

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