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Demon Slayer by on @deviantART

Why do many blonde angels remind me to Wan. But dis one does a lot. Dunno why. But ♥

colouring black hair with C3/C5/C7/C9/B45 Copic Multiliner SP 0,1 und Brush

Dart Feld

Dart Feld (ダート・フェルド, Dāto Ferudo) is the protagonist of The Legend of Dragoon. He is the son of Zieg Feld and Claire Feld, and was one of the few survivors of the tragedy that befell his home town of Neet, in which a mysterious "Black Monster" attacked and almost obliterated the town, killing everyone he knew. Years later, Dart would set out to seek out revenge on the creature who destroyed his hometown. He would later return to a grand adventure ahead of him. Dart is a young man whose…

Legend of Dragoon

The Enchantress - Enhanced version by on @DeviantArt