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Giant Crocheted Doilies Installation

Resurrection 2 Giant Crocheted Doilies Installation by Ashley V. Blalock. Über awesome!

How to become a Professional Knitter - Robin Hunter Designs: Knitted Rooms that You can Wear

Angelika Arendt, 2012 Absolutely astonishing!

Keeping Up Appearances by Ashley V. Blalock crochet fiber art installation

Africa | Kuba cloth from the Shoowa people of DR Congo | Cut pile raffia cloth

Use tissue paper painted with pva solution, or strengthen with vliesofix or misty fuse (Liliya Sotirova)

Ashley V. Blalock Keeping Up Appearances Installation Series, 2011- Pres. cotton yarn

Galerie LL-13 | Atelier Lange Nadel