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Erkunde Augen People, Stirnreif und noch mehr!

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Eye enlarging makeup tutorial. Also, I read somewhere that priming with a white (thick) liner can make that metallic color stay longer without fading.

Welche Eyelinerfarbe zu Neue Eyelinerfarbe und Augen Schminken Kataloge welcher Augenfarbe

Green eyes - Girl portrait. More

Gesicht zeichnen: Schritt für Schritt

Taupe und Braun subtilen Rauch für Hochzeit Augen.

Weddbook ♥ Pretty, Silber Smokey Eye Makeup Photo Tutorial. Eye Make-up für blaue Augen. Smokey

"Minty? What sort of name is that?" "My kind" "that's..." "It's on account of my eyes" she leaned near him and opened her eyes wide, "see, they're kind of minty, see?" "Y-yes...very nice..." He cleared his throat and gently moved the little girl out from his personal bubble, "good thing they weren't green, or you might have been called asparagus, right?"

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