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Every day National Geographic gets a lot of shots from different corners of our planet. Hundreds of photographers are waiting for the right moment to make stunn

10bullets: Bird of small things … by Joe Dsilva on Flickr.

Victoria crowned pigeon rockin' that do.

Neunkirchen Zoo in Neunkirchen, Germany The attractions at the Neunkirchen Zoo include the Zoo Falconry with numerous birds of prey & owls, the elephant temple with a large outdoor area for Asian elephants, a large group of hamadryas baboons on the Pavia rocks, the seals in the Seal Bay, the African savannah with giraffes, zebras & ostriches , as well as more extensive systems of different ungulate species.

Red and Green Macaw ~ I was told by a bird expert that this is a Catalina Macaw.

Wow! Incredible colors!

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