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Erkunde Mit Glasaugen, Extrem Seltene und noch mehr!

(((Extrem seltene PARIAN Lady S & H, mit Glasaugen))) | eBay

von eBay

19” Antique Blonde China Head Doll With Fashion Doll Body Porcelain limbs

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Stunning ABG doll with BARE FEET! #DollShopsUnited

Beautiful creation with vintage doll head and wire base.

19th Century Alice Parian with Alice in Wonderland Antique Book and Antique Silver Looking Glass Dolls And

1860's China Head Doll Alice in Wonderland head Hairstyle with molded headband on a Motschmann type body.

1850's era glazed china shoulder head with molded and pate facial features with long black curls touching the shoulder in back, covered by a white smooth bonnet with ridged front and tied under the chin. The body is possibly a mid 20th century replacement and is stuffed muslin with china arms and legs with molded and painted shoes. She has been redressed in all antique fabric and outer corset is cinching the waist. Condition (Very Good). Size 12" T.

Girl with doll in blue dress tintype by smokey lace, via Flickr