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Erkunde Henric, Bein und noch mehr!

Do you have the secret password? - following a kids cues for play and building on it

how to keep children little in a "grow up fast" world - Mothering From

In today's world, kids don't seem to get a childhood. They are exposed to grownup problems and issues when they should still be holding on tight to their innocence. This post gives five practical ways to help our kids stay little in a "grow up fast" world!

Secret Mission Free Download-This easy to manage kindness project is a great way to encourage random acts of kindness in your classroom. My students LOVE to see how many days in a row they can complete the missions, even though it is completely secret.

7 Great Things to Say to a Child Today

7 important things to say to kids

What Your Kids Need to Know Before Staying Home Alone

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18 Best Comebacks for When Your Kid Says 'I Hate You'

18 Ways to Answer when a kid says I Hate You

5 Ways to Help Children Listen

5 ways to get kids to listen - perfect for preschoolers and under. MUST pin this one!

What to Do When You Want Your Kids to Love Each Other

Such an encouraging post! How to teach your children to love and appreciate one another. What to Do When You Want Your Kids to Love Each Other - Club 31 Women