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Erkunde Rechenzentrum, Arbeitet und noch mehr!

In Frankreich arbeitet das erste Rechenzentrum mit Energiespeicherung

IBM's SuperMUC supercomputer, the fastest in Europe, has been developed alongside an innovative hot water-cooled mechanism that is 40 percent more energy-efficient than air-cooled technology.

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Building a PC? You Need This Chart

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Sicherheit im Rechenzentrum: Verordneter IT-Schutz

Automatisches Feuerlöschsystem im Rechenzentrum

Lime Green and Blue Cable Management Great use of space for patch panels.

Without a carbon tax or anything that penalizes fossil fuel consumption, the federal government has little ability to influence how much energy a data center uses. But it's trying.

ENERGY SOURCE: Appliances and electronics generate a lot of waste heat when they operate. The vast network of data servers that power the cloud accessed by millions worldwide generate an enormous amount of waste heat. These servers are often housed in large quantities in data centers that require massive cooling systems to prevent overheating. The German company AOTERRA aims to change this by distributing servers across networks of homes and using the servers’ waste energy to heat those…