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Erkunde Foto Natur, Schöne Stürme und noch mehr!

Illusion: A landscape photograph by Stefan Eisele. VIEW LINKImage © Stefan Eisele.

Flowered Anatomy

Illusion: The collage art of Ben Giles. View more at Flickr. Artwork © Ben Giles Link via In Vino Veritas.

The Perfect Bubble

Illusion: Photographer Fabian Oefner takes pictures that are generally full of color and movement. Photos © Fabian Oefner Via Behance Network.

Paper Art in Motion

Illusion: Paper engineer Matthew Shlian has finalized new sculptures that are minimalist and rhythmical. Please check out a video of the designer within post, and also view some of his past work here. Photos © Matthew Shlian.

Water to Ice

Illusion: Photographer Emmanuel Coupe has traveled to different parts of the world to take absolutely stunning landscape pictures. Photos © Emmanuel Coupe Via

Wild Horses made from various Garments

Illusion: “7 Horses” is a beautiful photography series by Ulrika Kestere. Photos © Ulrika Kestere Link via Sweet Station.

Spray Painting in Australia

Illusion: Included in this post is a small selection of paintings and street art by Adnate. See also: “You Got to Have Faith.” Photos © Adnate Via Fatcap.

Phantasmagoric People and Creatures

Illusion: “Fantasmagorik” is an ongoing digital art series by Nicolas Obery. Images © Nicolas Obery Link via Behance Network.

Are you ready for Breakfast?

Illusion: Becca Stadtlander’s beautifully detailed illustrations have been displayed in numerous publications such as The New York Times, Jamie Oliver Magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, O, The Oprah Magazine, and more. Artwork and photos © Becca Stadtlander Link via Magicfran.

The Magic Zipper

Illusion: “El Mago” (the Magician) is a spectacular mural by Martin Ron. Photos © Martin Ron Link via Street Art Utopia.