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Ukiyo-e woodblock print of The Giant Ogre Shutendoji at Mount Oeyama, circa 1858, Japan, by artist Utagawa Yoshitsuya

The god of the Kashima Shrine holds the catfish in check with his sword, Namazu-e, 1855. Shown above is the shrine with the great rock which was also supposed to hold the catfish down.

Artwork by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi.

Namazu-e — Erdbeben als Satire – Religion-in-Japan

From New Museum, Chris Ofili, Ovid-Desire (2011-2012), Oil, pastel, and charcoal on linen, 122 × 78 3/4 in

Kashima Daimyo is suppressed a catfish by the sword, Namazu-e, 1855. According to legend, earthquakes were caused by the movements of a monster catfish that lived under the island of Japan.

Hank Williams "Disgraceland" Poster

Siyar al-nabi, Muhammad receives a revelation from Jibril during the battle of Badr

Futakuchi-Onna --------- Let's take a moment to appreciate how cool this is.