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The 16 MBTI Types in Quotes.

Scribbling in the Dark--MBTI in words

I'm an INPF (obvs) and Matthew is an ESFJ. This is way true. Never. Myers Briggs. MBTI

I actually. Have terrible road rage for an infp. Though I do wonder about those in cars around me as well

Not necessarily accurate. I'm infj, and if you tell me a secret, I won't tell. I've had my confidence betrayed before, so I know how much that sucks. I have too much empathy for how that feels to do it to someone else. I can't be the only infj who feels the same way.

Hogwarts Hybrid Houses and Myers-Briggs MBTI. <<< YES. I'm an Esfp, and I already guessed that I was a gryffinpuff. This just confirms it.

#INTJ || Why we never clean. Cuz yanno that 'all' part is so not fun.

MBTI Types in a Horror Movie - Pretty funny. :) Just pinning this cause I live!