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Erkunde Viele Menschen, Roboter-Prothese und noch mehr!

Here in Oregon you will find lots of people who look like Bigfoot.

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Tatuador Que Perdeu O Braço Recebe A Primeira Prótese De Máquina De Tatuar Do Mundo

JC Sheitan Tenet (Facebook) hat seit ein paar Tagen eine neue Prothese: Eine Tattoo-Maschine.

Tattoo Artist Who Lost His Arm Gets World’s First Tattoo Machine Prosthesis | Bored Panda

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Este tatuador perdió su brazo, pero con esta increíble prótesis tatuadora su arte sigue muy vigente

Este tatuador perdió su brazo pero con esta increíble prótesis tatuadora su arte sigue muy vigente

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Homing signal in brain located, explaining why some people are better navigators

The part of the brain that tells us the direction to travel when we navigate has been identified by scientists, and the strength of its signal predicts how well people can navigate. In other words, the researchers have found where our 'sense of direction' comes from in the brain and worked out how to measure it using functional magnetic resonance imaging, other words, why some people get lost a lot!

Prosthetics can’t replicate the look and feel of lost limbs but they can carry a lot of personality. At TEDxCambridge, Scott Summit shows 3D-printed, individually designed prosthetic legs that are unabashedly artificial and completely personal -- from macho to fabulous. (Filmed at TEDxCambridge.) Scott Summit uses his 20 years of experience as an industrial designer to make artificial limbs that help people take personal control of these intimate objects.

3D printed prosthesis, tissues and organs, oh my!

THATS SO ME >> i wish I could see what the people who take control of security cameras think when they see this happen

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What you need to know about 3D-printed organs

Curious about the possibility of 3D printed organs? Check out this article!