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Erkunde Für Kinder, Prosthesis und noch mehr!

Kniegelenk 3R65 für Kinder

Human kindness…

Comment if love and want this dog to be saved

FIT – Konzept einer anpassungsfähigen Prothese

young boy use a bionic hand prosthesis, typ VINCENTyoung for work on a airplane model, the glie can be dosed very sensitively because of the force feedback system that allowed a kind of touch feeling

Three Glass Eyes in their Storage Box

Three Glass Eyes in their Storage Box | From a unique collection of antique and modern curiosities at

Die Mechanik einer Prothesenhand für Kinder

Externe Prothese / Handprothese / für Kinder / Hoo 99X Fillauer

Magazine - Fashionable Prosthetics from The Alternative Limb Project

Prosthesis designer Sophie de Oliveira Barata has launched The Alternative Limb Project, a studio that has begun creating unique, sometimes strange, but always eye-catching prosthetic limbs.

.Bionic hand : There are many scientific teams that develop researches in this direction. More specifically we will take a view over i-limb ultra, developed by Touch Bionics. It allows people with amputated upper limbs to properly serve their daily needs – picking up small objects, Typing, dressing, and many others. Software allows the patient to create his own gestures and movements. Of course, it can’t fully replace real human hand, but is a kind of convenience for the patient. via: t

Chrome-Leather | | A look at Bespoke Innovation, a company specializing in helping amputees customize prosthetic coverings.