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Erkunde Wild Und Frei, Boudoir Friedatheres und noch mehr!

Wild and free boudoir | Fotos: Nice4youreyes

I really love the colors in this picture

Comfort is important. But why not have comfort AND style this back-to-school season? Browse our decorative throw pillows to find your perfect combo and add a touch of personality to your dorm room. Explore styles from turquoise feathers to gold arrows, from "Follow Your Dreams" to "Wild & Free."

❂ I don't think it matters how many roads you travel. You could travel one thousand roads in a year, but gain no wisdom because your eyes were closed. The real test of spirit comes from choosing to walk the roads placed before you with eyes wide open, head up, looking forward, and leaving fear behind. Real growth happens when you choose to walk forward into the unknown and ask wisdom to walk with you. (via brokentograce)

~ . ~ . Poetic Voices of the Wind... '' ... i want to know that they have spend their time, thinking of me, wondering about me and imagine me. ''


Twilight Skies Butterfly Crown

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