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Erkunde Zorn, David Bowie und noch mehr!

David photographed by Masayoshi Sukita in 1972. . . {#davidbowie #bowie #davidrobertjones #ziggystardust #1972 #70s #70sfashion}

Oh My Goodness. Seriously funny. New baby? Just beware of 1980s Bowie (and owls)... coz the goblin king will make a deal with your baby sitter!

Ever since I was a little girl I always found myself attracted to Jareth the Goblin King, I have no regrets.

50 Years of Changing David Bowie Hair Styles in One Animated GIF

See THIS is what Sarah SHOULD have done. "Forget Toby, come steal me away and we shall rule the Goblin Kingdom together, as King and Queen. Leave the whining brat here alone."

"As The World Falls Down" by #DavidBowie from #Labyrinth