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Love, Love, Love this artist...Fabian Perez

City 0000 (Kandor) by Mike Kelley Light art installation. Sculpture. | tiny illuminated city

British artist, physicist, and all-around science enthusiast Paul Friedlander produces kinetic light sculptures that provide a colourful feast for the eyes. Each piece in his body of work offers a visual medley of light and motion by rapidly rotating a piece of string through white light. The vibrating rope becomes invisible to the human eye, but colours from the light (which would normally be invisible to the naked eye) are revealed in rapid succession.

malformalady: The statue of a young woman, facedown and veiled by a stream of glass crystal beads, is an interesting work of art known as Ghost Girl by London-based sculptor Kevin Francis Gray. Presented on a pedestal like a classic Greek sculpture, the marble figure offers a somber look at a modern young woman.This contemporary piece, like much of Gray’s work, has a hint of secrecy and surrealism to it. When the beaded veil is pulled back, it is revealed that a skeletal face lies…

Metatron Cube Gold - Cross culture, sacred geometry symbol for inner peace and spirituality. The Metatron Cube A known harmonious structure from sacred geometry named after the Archangel Metatron. Metatron appears in Jewish tradition, Christian tradition, and in some aspects of Islam. Metatron is in charge of all of creation and is considered an Arch angel as well as a judge. The structure of  Metatron cube arises from the structure of the "Fruit of Life" and  found around the world …

James Turrell, Inside Outside Australian Gardens

von Brain Pickings

Geometrical Psychology: Benjamin Betts’s 19th-Century Mathematical Illustrations of Consciousness

Geometrical Psychology: Benjamin Betts’s 19th-Century Mathematical Illustrations of Consciousness | Brain Pickings

dust installation - Google Search