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Has it only been 3 Months? - Imgur

In the end it turned out great.

Just Vape It

Just Vape It

Just finished my eGo Pipe Mod. Vape with style! - Imgur

Vape Charm For Ecig Tank or Mod Live Long and Vape on by VapingTreasures, $6.00

Vape on - You can find all your smoking accessories right here on Santa Monica #Vapes #Teagardins #SmokeShop

"MoFauxs" are distinguished-looking accessories for your APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) or Electronic Cigarette. The name is a fun play on words, and stems from "Mo", a short term for "mustache", and "Faux" meaning "fake". They are available in 3 styles and 3 colors, with more on the way! A great feature is that they will act like a kickstand and keep your round PVS/tube mods from rolling off the table or other flat surfaces! Vape like a sir!

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