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All about how to sew a beautiful rolled hem on your machine with this specialty foot. Using the special rolled hem foot takes care of everything in a single pass - quick, easy and oh-so pretty. A basic rolled hem is perfect for napkins. Also works great on things like a circle skirt where you need a really narrow hem. It's all covered in this tutorial and tips at The Sewing Loft. Read more here...

Learn how to read a sewing pattern with these easy steps. Each part is broken down into simple terms. Don't waste your time, your fabric or your patience by making a mistake with your pattern before you even start. They can be confusing when you start out, so make sure to start out right when using a sewing pattern! The Sewing Loft

Learn how to sew 12 different hems using your sewing machine. This articles has easy tips, tricks and how-to's that you can use to improve your sewing.

A re-linking of several good posts around the web of step-by-step tutorials on how to clean and oil your sewing machine. Step-by-step photos and Videos. [The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Machine Care] More

how to hem pants like the professionals do... with great technique I should use next time

DIY Sewing Projects | How to Sew a Zipper - Zippers Reißverschluss unter vorher geschlossene Naht nähen, anschließend die Naht auftrennen - sitzt perfekt!

This blog post gives you 10 common sewing mistakes that make your garment look homemade, which is not a good thing. HANDmade doesn't have to look HOMEmade. Sew clothes you'll be proud to put your name on by eliminating these 10 mistakes.

Learn how to adjust the tension on your sewing machine — plus what an ideal stitch should look like — for perfectly sewn seams, edges and more.

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