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Erkunde Briefmarke Mit, Osterinsel Kunst und noch mehr!

Briefmarke mit dem Moai Tukuturi

Easter Island stone carving on a Chilean postage stamp

Briefmarke aus dem Jahr 2000 - Tangata Figur

Chile - Easter Island, Ahu Akivi by vtveen on Flickr.

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Beautiful Colorful Easter Island Bank Note.

Easter Island, Chile

1965 Chile Easter Island Moai Statue Postage Stamp Postcard

Rapa Nui - Easter island - Isla de Pascua 5000 Rongo 2012 -- Front: Portrait of Ariki Mau (Supreme Chief or King) Hotu Matu'a, a legendary first settler of Rapa Nui. His double hulled canoe in the Pacific Ocean. A red Reimiro with human heads on each end - the emblem of the flag of Rapa Nui. RongoRongo symbol script. Back: Crater lake at Rano Raraku. RongoRongo symbol script. Main colour: Orange. Signature: John Hamilton (Comptroller). Material: Biaxially oriented polypropylene (polymer).

British Stamp - Hoa Hakananai'a statue, Easter Island, ca.1000 AD. 68p stamp by Rose Design commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the British Museum, October 7, 2003