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Isla de Pascua | Rapa Nui in Isla de Pascua, Valparaíso

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Easter Island: Day By Day

Easter Island is one of the most remote, inhabited islands in the world, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, more than 2,000 miles off the coast of South America. The island is famous for it these giant stone heads (called "moai"), carved by the indigenous Rapa Nui people more than 500 years ago.

Illustrated map of Easter Island/ Rapa Nui - Bek Cruddace


Demystifying Easter Island With A Kite

"The statues walked," Easter Islanders say. Archaeologists are still trying to figure out how.

"The reason people think they are [only] heads is there are about 150 statues buried up to the shoulders on the slope of a volcano, and these are the most famous, most beautiful and most photographed of all the Easter Island statues," Van Tilburg, who is also a fellow at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at the University of California, Los Angeles, told Life's Little Mysteries. "This suggested to people who had not seen photos of [other unearthed statues on the island] ...

Rapa Nui, the indigenous name of Easter Island. A society of Polynesian origin that settled there c. A.D. 300 established an original tradition of monumental sculpture and architecture, free from any external influence. From the 10th to the 16th century this society built shrines and erected enormous stone figures known as moai.

Easter Island, Chile. Probably less beautiful now that they are excavating them.