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Erkunde Tony Stark, Eisen Stark und noch mehr!

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Because Doctor Who needed to make less sense. Seriously? This just makes it even more difficult to explain Who. <~~ lol!

Marvel's The Avengers ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm, der in Deutschland am April 2012 in…

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Clara wasn't only saving her friend Rigsy -- she was saving the young man who had essentially acted as Companion to Doctor Clara in Flatline; in other words, exercising the due "duty of care" the/a Doctor assumes over his companions. She was also trying to make sure that Rigsy's infant daughter wouldn't have to grow up without her father's presence. Clara, after all, lost her own mother, so she knows a bit about that.

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haha I need to watch this again so I can see this

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Which Marvel Movie Character Are You?

BUZZFEED QUIZ- which Marvel movie character are you? I GOT STAR-LORD \(-o-)/

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The Reason Behind Hawkeye’s Big Secret In “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”

AGE OF ULTRON SPOILERS The Reason Behind Hawkeye’s Big Secret In “Age Of Ultron”