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Erkunde 10 Cuxhaven, Ausstellungsdesign und noch mehr!

These set of 10 bespoke, uniquely folded maps of the V Museum were based on selections of designers, authors and media figures to time with the London Design Festival. By Johnson Banks UK in Sept of 2010.

Museum Windstärke 10 in Cuxhaven on

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Childrens Museum of the Arts / Work AC

Leitsysteme,Hogeschool,Die Künste,Architekturbüro,Arbeiten Architektur,Vinyl,Galerie,Game Childrens,Childrens Museum

Windstärke 10: Wrack- und Fischerei-Museum Cuxhaven

Title Wall Gallery. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art #punkfashion

A Sense of Place at National Museum of Scotland - exhibition space

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Gallery of The Andy Warhol Temporary Museum / LIKEarchitects - 9

The Andy Warhol Temporary Museum / LIKEarchitects