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Erkunde Reichsleiter, Und Reichkanzler und noch mehr!

Hitler authorizes Reichsleiter Philipp Bouhler and Dr. Karl Brandt to empower…

Hitlers order to Bouhler authorizing the T4 program sept 1939

Grafeneck:18. Januar 1940 –Dezember 1940.

A Helpful List of Holocaust Terms

A letter signed by Adolf Hitler authorizing Aktion T-4 (Euthanasia Program). In 1939, the Nazis created a program to secretly but systematically kill mentally and physically disabled people, including Germans, who were housed in institutions. The code name for this program was Aktion T-4. It is estimated that over 200,000 people were killed in the Nazi Euthanasia Program.

Hadamar:Januar 1941 – August 1941.

Eugenics poster entitled -Feeble-mindedness in related families in four neighboring towns.

Bernburg an der Saale:November 1940 –24. August 1943.

Falsified letter sent to the relatives of Hartheim victims pretending to be from an asylum in Chelm.

Hartheim bei Linz:Mai 1940 –1. September 1941.

List of transports to the castle Hartheim