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Erkunde Und Frau, Und Reichkanzler und noch mehr!

Hitler authorizes Reichsleiter Philipp Bouhler and Dr. Karl Brandt to empower…

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Pirna-Sonnenstein:Juni 1940 – August 1941.

In the early years of Nazi Germany, Hitler ordered the euthanasia program, codenamed Aktion T4, to eliminate those “unworthy of life”. The first series of murders were by starvation, then lethal injection before finally evolving to the gas chamber and cremation. Unlike in the concentration camps doctors, not soldiers, were put in charge of deciding those who were executed. Over 400,000 Germans were sterilized while just about 200,000 were exterminated for having various mental disabilities.

Grafeneck:18. Januar 1940 –Dezember 1940.

Action T-4 ( so named because the office's were in Teirgarten Strasse #4 ) The Euthanasia of those Deemed "Life not worthy of Living" Retarded,malformed,idiots etc. Were killed by Lethal injection ( a Nazi invention sill in use Today ) One of the Leaders of T-4 was the designer and inspector of The "Death Camps " Stürmbannführer-SS Christian Wirth .

Grafeneck, 1940, GEKRAT omnibus, Landesarchiv NRW – Abteilung Rheinland – RWB 18248/010

1939–1945: Medicalized Mass Murder, Children first | AHRP

Hartheim bei Linz:Mai 1940 –1. September 1941.

First page of a letter written by Frida Richard, a survivor of the Hadamar Institute, in which she describes her cruel treatment at the euthanasia facility.