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Erkunde Jahr 1872, Das Jahr und noch mehr!

Mayerling um das Jahr 1872 (links oben, Aufnahmeblatt der Landesaufnahme)

Frida Kahlo (1926). Photographed by her father, Guillermo Kahlo at about age 19.

Frida Khalo en el estudio de Diego Rivera photo by Nickolas Muray

Maude Adams (American actress,1872-1953) - @~ Watsonette

Susan B. Anthony campaigned for Republican candidates in many campaigns, beginning in 1860.  That year, the Wide Awakes, a Republican marching club, serenaded Susan B. Anthony and her suffragist colleague Elizabeth Cady Stanton to thank them for their support. Anthony also worked closely with fellow Republican Frederick Douglass.  In 1872, she was arrested for casting a ballot in the presidential election, in which she voted for the Republican ticket.

it was George V's horse 'Amner' that 41 year old suffragette Emily Davison threw herself in front of, to highlight the cause of the Women's Suffragette movement in 1913. Sadly Emily fractured her skull in the process, and died four days

On November 5, 1872, Susan B. Anthony voted in a presidential election—and was then arrested. Almost 50 years later, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified, prohibiting states from denying women the right to vote.

Maude Adams (November 11, 1872 – July 17, 1953) was an American stage actress who achieved her greatest success as Peter Pan. Adams' personality appealed to a large audience and helped her become the most successful and highest-paid performer of her day, with a yearly income of more than one million dollars at her peak. She was often referred to simply as "Maudie" by her fans. 1892 portrait.