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Untitled... Old woman, hand, fingers, thoughtful, lines of life, wrinckles, beauty, aged, cracks of time, powerful, intense, strong, portrait, photo b/w.

Stunning ... an entire lifetime written on her face ...

hands represent you; what you do with them shows who you are

Kostüme Vibratoren,Bdsm Kostüme,Grüße,Fotografie,Blicke,Aussehen,Druck,Schwarz,Gentes People

How many babies held, children bathed, meals cooked, beds made, clothes washed, gardens tended, fevers checked, mending done, other hand’s held, cleaning done…old hands are just beautiful… busy old hands (by Alex)

Peaceful / old age, old woman, hands, fingers, gesture, beauty, weathered, wrinckles, aged, lines of Life, cracks in time, powerful face, intense, strong, emotionel, expression, portrait, photo b/w

The hands of the elderly. I used to love holding my nanny's hand and playing with her veins. : (