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Erkunde Ein, Blick und noch mehr!

Easter Egg in Google Street View: Ein Blick in die #Tardis

The Oncoming Sulk parks the TARDIS. I'm just going to take a moment to mull over the accuracy of the title 'The Oncoming Sulk'

Official posters! (*cries*) <-----ARE ACTUALLY THE OFFICIAL POSTERS?!?!!? i'm not ready. NO. these can't be out yet....*sobs*

I can not tell you how much I want someone to walk into my wedding late and say "Hello, I'm Hiba's imaginary friend, but I came anyway."

The Pandorica Opens (TV story)

The Pandorica Opens was the twelfth episode of series 5 of Doctor Who. It was the first of a two-part series finale. Its narrative concluded in the following episode. River Song made a reappearance in this episode, as did the Autons, along with the stunning return of Rory Williams, after losing his life and every trace of his existence, save one link that provided the means for his resurrection.