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Catahoula (Leopard) Cur, named after the parish in Louisiana, known for their multi-faceted iris coloring, fur spotting, and marsh-friendly webbed paws...these pups might be Curs (mutts) but they are very sweet and beautiful their own rite, often being referred to the very first American breed.

Arrow, Shooting Star Catahoulas

Catahula Leopard Dog, Had a hound mix. She could heard anything and had amazing speed. Had a 1/2 yard and she would catch anything in that yard day or night. Her trying to heard our kids could get out of hand some times. You could stop her if you were big enough to catch her when she jumped to nip you Usually on your arm below the shoulder. OUCH but we loved her.

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Just a lil Southern Bell

Gunner 8 months old


Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs - KEVIN Šumící křídla & Ahaide Dogo Dogino | Coahoma Catahoulas

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