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The Giver - 25.09.114

Sunday School Printables - Christian coloring pages, bookmarks, award certificates templates, calendars, greeting cards, stickers, Bible verse card makers

So I made a board for amnesia and I'm warning you guys are going to see a lot of ikki And I mean a lot XD plz follow

Cirque Du Soleil, coming to San Diego in April.

Fruits Basket quote. Never got to see her in the anime cause they never made a season 2 :( they seriously should make a season two for the anime it was so cool!

Just saw this's so sad to see how we used to treat colored people.

Great movie for kids (and adults)

'Count Poniatowski and the Beautiful Chicken' by Elizabeth Ziemska. 'You can go anywhere; all you need is a map. Time is on the side of the outcast.' Lovely, unique time travel story.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Blesses the Internet With 4 New Posters, One for Each Season

See Rory and Lorelai celebrate the four parts of the Netflix revival

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein