Erkunde Mittelalter Abbildungen, Frankreich und noch mehr!

The inside of coat of plates. Its plastic barrel riveted to duck cloth. Made by Helene von Braunschweig.

Axe Germany, 1570-1580

Coat of Plates pattern

brigantina Castel Tirolo fine XIV secolo

"Mid-15th C. Brigandine" *drool* so pretty. Too bad the velvet would get smushed in combat but the decorative rivets make a nice pattern.

Siege of Pamplona. Jean of Wavrin. Title Recueil des croniques d’Engleterre. Origin: France, N. E. (Lille?) and Netherlands, S. (Bruges). c. XV. Medieval Imago & Dies Vitae Idade Media e Cotidiano

Imprisonment of John of France-f510- Detail of a miniature of the imprisonment of John of France, at the beginning of chapter 27 of book 9. Origin: Netherlands, S. (Bruges) Royal 14 E V Author Giovanni Boccaccio, translated by Laurent de Premierfait Title De casibus virorum illustrium in French translation (Des cas des ruynes des nobles hommes et femmes) Origin Netherlands, S. (Bruges) Date c. 1479-c.1480 Language French Script Gothic cursive (bâtarde) Artists Master of the White…

Europäische Rüstung,Kriegsführung Jahrhundert,European Armor,15 Century

Manuscript UBH Cod. Pal. germ. 848 Codex Manesse Folio 229v Dating 1300-1340 From Zürich, Switzerland Holding Institution Heidelberg University Library

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