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Sonntagskittel eines einfachen Mannes

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Woolen Norse tunic for the well outfitted man

Reisunga Baiuvarii - Gotland - Tunika

Tunic - "Pure wool very rarely needs to be washed as it does not retain dirt or odors, hanging on the washing line to air occasionally is usually enough. If you do need to clean it more thoroughly then the best way is to rub it in snow! Next best is to gently hand wash it in cold soapy water."

Upper and Unterwams of Friedrich Graf Stubenberg, 1574, detailed in "Textile Conservation and Research"

Valgred nordic garb is gorgeous! I am sure had they existed 1000 years ago, they would have supplied their garments to hesirs, jarls and kings!!! Green wool tunic 114€

Die Wollhex - edle Brettchenborten Bildergalerie ~ Kundengalerie