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This is the Christian crosses from Portugal since the beginning of times until todays day , and very similar to some of the inscriptions found on Oak Island..

"Kardinal Giovanni Acquaviva Wappen" (Seite 37) Insignia ... XIV. Insignia Neapolitanorum, Genuensium - BSB Cod.icon. 279 Cod.icon. 279, [S.l.] Italien 1550

King Henry I of France. Capetian dynasty. (32nd great grandfather on mom's side)

etail of Burgundian Cope, 3rd quarter of the 15th Century. Part of the booty from the battle of Morat (1476). Formerly kept in the sacristy of St Nicolas in Fribourg it was transferred to the Museum of art and history (1879) and the castle of Gruyeres (1940). It bears the coat of arms of Artois and ancient Burgundy above three flints and steels (emblems of Philip of Good, father of Charles the Bold).

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Master oft Petrarch, The Battle Of St. Ulrich (former attribution: Hans Burgkmair, the Elder)

Jhd Männer,Kopfbedeckung,Historisches,Jahrhundert,Midevil Kostüme,Mittelalterlichen Kostüm,Mittelalterlichen Herren,Mittelalterliche Kopfbedeckungen,Mittelalterliche Kleidung

Harley MS 4205 (c 1445-1524) -

baardzo specyficzny styl ma ten rysownik - Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Cod. Pal. germ. 16 Bibel AT, dt.: Bücher Mose, Josua, Richter, Ruth Stuttgart (?) - Werkstatt Ludwig Henfflin, 1477 Seite: 22v Abrahams Kampf gegen die vier Könige