Erkunde Zur Übung, Zeit Zur und noch mehr!

Verwandte Themen durchstöbern

Breisach, wo das Regt. Für einige Zeit zur Übung am Kaiserstuhl war WE

Russian soldiers teaching the Cossack dance to German prisoners of war. Eastern Front, 1915

Giant World War I German Soldier Crushing Allies

"Dramatic night-time shot of a British corporal manning a Vickers machine gun near Cambrai, Jan 1918. - The Great War (@WW1_Series) | Twitter

South African infantry advance towards the Kahe battlefield, March 1916, via…

Russian troops, First World War.

An Austro-Hungarian infantryman armed with an obsolete Werndl rifle and a M1867 sabre bayonet, via Flickr.

Antwerp 1914. Belgium had a weak fighting force of 117,000 troops, but the Germans did not subdue the defenses of the city until October, when the last elements of Belgian opposition surrendered. Germany remained in control of Belgium until their surrender in November 1918, managing to hold onto Brussels until the end of the war.

World War I in the trenches.

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