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Avoid products containing palm oil.

Sorry but there's nothing to be proud of in wearing fur or animal skin. They should be where they are meant to be and where they belong, with the animals.

Canada: killing baby seals for an out dated and out of time fur industry! Learn a new trade and earn some respect!

if you agree this is wrong then please Repin! Stop supporting the dairy industry.

The system of animal agriculture...

if the fetus you save is gay will you continue to fight for its rights?

LOL ask Iveta the hate monger...she spat a gay figure skating queen out of her twat, has anti transgendered post on her Facebook page and I heard Tim say to the figure skater, " you think your mother will ever change her views about the gays?". Disillusionment. And I have evidence and proof!!

Peter Brabeck, another enemy of the people

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