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Kurt Vonnegut - Science is Magic that Works - 2 Color Letterpress Print - GREY ONLY - Cat's Cradle

Kurt Vonnegut - Wissenschaft ist Magie, die funktioniert - 2 Letterpress Farbdruck - Cat's Cradle by AmandaMorante on Etsy

We are the masters of our fate. Perceptual Reality~ Quantum physics

others are helpful but it's up to you. Working on finding my happiness in myself.

Letterpress Poster Typography print. Grow Flowers. Ride a Bike. Make art.

Print "Oh Deer" DIN A 4

Print "Oh deer" // print by Treechild via

Carl Sagan Quote Typography Wall Plaque - 9" x 12"

Carl Sagan Quote Typography Wall Plaque - 9"" x 12""

That Which Can Be Destroyed By The Truth, Should Be / P.C. Hodgell - Inspirational Quote Dictionary Print - DPQU072

If It Can Be Destroyed By The Truth It Deserves by WhiskerPrints, $8.99

Spruch // Quote "Don't forget to hüpf" by TanteRina via

Good advice! Sometimes I don't create because I feel I won't do it I need this prompt....wit & whistle sketchbook