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Tagua-Ohrringe "Farbfestival" von Phitolotta auf

Tagua Leaf Earrings - Coffee

Leaf Tagua Earrings - Green Sea

Tagua Earrings Red Chunky Tagua Slice by SpareRoomStationery

This three strand necklace is about 16 3/8 on the shortest strand and 19 on the longest strand. This is a nice full necklace of blended beautiful colors. Not to heavy because of the Acai seeds are very light. Casual everyday wear... goes with pink, purple, and fuchsia colors. Choose some tagua nut earrings to pull your favorite color out! (earrings sold separately) Acai beads are seeds from a palm that grows Acai berries, the super fruit, in the Rainforest of South America. They are dye...

Tria Stud Tagua Earrings

Duo Dangle Tagua Earrings

Malbek Dangle Tagua Earrings

Tria Stud Tagua Earrings

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