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Erkunde Lebens Kette, Schnuckelschmuck Auf und noch mehr!

Baum des Lebens (Kette aus grünem Olivenholz)

Hooked on Asia

Elemente Hinzufügen,Asien,Handmade Hooked,Kind Handmade,Loved Item

Art Nouveau Bat Necklace

Handmade Embroidery Earrings- Natural Stone Beads Earring- Butterfly Morpho Menelaus

*Handmade* New Fashion Embroidery Earrings- Natural Stone Beads Earring- Butterfly Danaus Chrysippus

Ohio State Buckeyes NCAA Teardrop Clear Crystal Silver Necklace

Silber Ketten,Staat Ohio-Rosskastanien,Kristalle,Wir Staaten,Produkte,Teardrop Clear,Ncaa Teardrop,Crystal Silver,Clear Crystal

Austrian Crystal Butterfly Earrings Water Drop Pendant women Sets Wedding Party

Anhänger Halskette,Schmuck Setsfine,Frauen Schmuck,Tropfenohrringe,Pendant Women,Pendant Sets,Drop Pendant,Women'S Jewelry Sets,Earrings Water

Dainty Crystal Necklace

Simple elegance! This Necklace has a 7mm Swarovski® Crystal set in a bezel cup and mounted on a delicate 13mm stamping. Wear with every outfit. Makes a great gift for your bridal party! Silver tone ch