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Africa | Wood comb from Egypt | ca. 6th / 7th century. H: 24 cm.

Africa | Sash from the Zulu/Xhosa people of South Africa | Glass beads, fiber and brass buttons || {This could possibly have been a belt}

Africa | Hair comb from the Asante people of Ghana | Wood

Comb Egyptian, Byzantine (Coptic) Period, A.D. 364–476 Dimensions Length x width: 12.5 x 7 cm (4 15/16 x 2 3/4 in.) Medium or Technique Wood Classification Tools & equipment Accession Number 14.401

Africa | Comb from the Wabungu people of Kwa Mamsanya / Rukwasee / Undine / Tanzania | Wood and pigment. H: 17.8 cm | ca. late 19th century

African Combs & Hair Ornaments – African Hair Decoration

Africa | Comb from the Swahili people of Tanzania / Kenya | Wood; dark brown to black patina | ca. early 20th century

Africa | Ceremonial skirt from the Iraqw people of northern Tanzania | Girls reportedly fabricate leather skirts for themselves during a period of seclusion prior to marriage, decorating them with beads and, on occasion, recycled materials such as discarded keys and other bright odds and ends. However, adult women are also known to participate in the beading of skirts and will wear them along with younger members of the community on ceremonial occasions.

Africa | Comb from the Akan people of Ghana | Wood

Early Edo comb, c. 1700. The artist painted a screen with an inlaid jade Japanese water God.