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Erkunde Mali, Anschluss und noch mehr!

As the story goes ... in the late 1930s, four Dogon priests shared their most important secret tradition with two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen after they had spent an apprenticeship of fifteen years living with the tribe. These were secret myths about the star Sirius, which is 8.6 light years from the Earth. The Dogon priests said that Sirius had a companion star that was invisible to the human eye.

The Dogon Tribe of Africa and Their Connection to the Stars by Daniel G., Catalyzing Change One ...

Did civilization on earth result fr contact with a planet in the Sirius star system before 3000 BC? RTemple traces the traditions of 4 African tribes bk to ancient Sumer&Egypt- cultures with great knowledge, much of which they claimed was given them by visitors from Sirius. There are tribal cultures in Africa today (Dogon of Mali) whose most sacred traditions are based on this theory. Their knowledge of the Sirius system is astoundingly accurate, with info only recently known to modern…

The Dogon Tribe of Africa And Their Connection To The Stars One the most amazing sources of evidence of our ancestors coming from the stars … Continue reading

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The Dogon Tribe and their mysterious connection to Sirius

dogon star system | Sirius Star System Map ...

Dogon People of Mali, West Africa