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Hopefulness to hopelessness - but does it float

Inland of Butan, an oblation mask to Buda from newlyweds. This one is the groom’s. Respectively, there is one also for the bride. Its phallic symbol is more explicitly expressed without however depicting the act itself. It’s wooden, around 40 centimeters.

Taumascopio - Bruxelles / Belgium - The Taumascopio invites us to reflect in poetic vein on public space and its users with a box of delights that gives us multiple visions and allows us to see the city differently. Equipped with a viewfinder and covered with mirrors, the device acts like a kaleidoscope, creating visual diversity in city, its architecture and its users. The mosaic of reflections sends our thinking in new directions and encourages us to re-examine our ideas.

Le Cirque de Calder.