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Moon: #Moon Magic: "The Moon is mysterious and worshiped in many cultures. She has always been perceived as female and is cyclical like women. She mirrors the changes of our lives from 'Maiden' to 'Mother' and to 'Elder.'" Contrary to what is said here, the Moon has frequently over the millennia been perceived as masculine, rather than as feminine, and Moon Gods are quite common. The word "Moon" itself, in fact, derives from the Old English Mōna ("Moon"), who was the Anglo-Saxon Moon God.

Beach stones - It is said that a stone with a hole through it brings good luck to the person that carries it. But, it must be found, not looked for, not bought nor gifted.

Hyssop is a purifying herb, used to sweep sacred spaces. Infused with water, it is sprinkled lightly over objects to cleanse them. The plant cleanses and protects homes from harmful energies; hanging at windows or doors or scattered. It is used in many protection rituals for both the mind and the body. Hyssop is considered to contain dragon energy and this can be bestowed by burning the plant as an incense or burning it in a fire.

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Magickal Tip - Thyme for Visions

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Types of Traditional Witchcraft (ceremonial magic based -- I would consider older form of Wicca, such as Gardenerian and Alexandrian, to be religious forms of Traditional Witchcraft, being religion based rather than craft based, hence why it is rarely called Traditional WitchCRAFT).