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Erkunde 100Cm, Usa und noch mehr!

Orienpet ‘Alchemy’ (Lily Garden bred)) reminds us of the alchemists’ quest to change metals into gold. When you see its stunning flowers of deepest red rimmed with a wide coppery gold margin, can you picture a bubbling cauldron where fiery molten metals are forming gold at the edge? ‘Alchemy’ will fill your garden with lasting color and fragrance from mid July to early August! 3 to 5 feet.

'Louis XIV' - Aurelian (L. henryi hybrid) - 5 ft - blooms late July to early August)

Oriental Lily - Hot Spot’ has enormous, whipped-cream white flowers with raspberry-centered petals flecked with raspberry freckles. Heavily fragrant, too. 3 to 4 feet, August.

Orienpet Lily 'Silver Scheherazade' - A mutation of Scheherazade, 4-6 feet tall, blooms in August