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Erkunde 8000Er Bergsteiger, 15 16 und noch mehr!

Dani Arnold, Eiger-North face,Solo-Speedrecord: 2h 28min!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speed record! Mammut Pro Team mountaineer Dani Arnold sets a new world record climbing the ‪#‎Matterhorn‬ North Face. #Mountaineering

Grandes Jorasses: the north face is one of the three great north faces of the Alps, along the Eiger and the Matterhorn. It towers 1200 m above the Leschaux Glacier

Austrian climber Heinrich Harrer was a member of the team of four that first got to the top of the notorious Eiger North Face on July 24, 1938 (shown here). The German term for the north face is Nordwand, or "north wall," and the climbers who have gone to their graves trying to climb it have given it the nickname Mordwand, or "murder(ous) wall."

Eiger North Face team The Eiger north face, was first climbed on July 24, 1938 by the Austrians Heinrich Harrer and Fritz Kasparek and the Germans Anderl Heckmair and Ludwig Vörg.

The first group to summit the Eiger's north face poses after the climb in 1938. The team members were Heinrich Harrer, Ludwig Vörg, Anderl Heckmair and Fritz Kasparek.

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