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Erkunde Wale, Obsessed und noch mehr!

Humpback Whale Art Print

Humpback Whale - My dad and I swam with a mother and her child outside of Kaanapali Beach, Maui

El calamar y la ballena: impresión Arte por kreaturecreative

Nice orca tattoo and love the placement! #whaletattoo #whale #tattoo

3-6 month Gap | Faded graphic bodysuit

After planning this tattoo for 3+ years, I finally feel complete. I feel more "myself" with this tattoo on my body. The humpback whale is my favorite animal. Always has been. It's the only animal that's presence actually takes my breath away. They have always reminded me of God in the way they're so massive, mysterious and peaceful. They leave me in awe, the way God always has... They represent Him to me- a constant reminder of His splendor and beauty.