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Erkunde Keine Zeit, Es Keine und noch mehr!

für einen dämon gibt es keine zeit......bis sie gekommen ist.

Hy Eonnie!!! I just wanna say that i am gping to Mondo Con with my Dad and my lil Sis on the 12th of December!!! So we will see lots of awesome things and i wanna share it with youuuuuu!!!! So i will upload the pics here or i send them in e-mail :D

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Amaimon, Blue Exorcist --- One of my favorite anime characters of all time. ;)

Blue Exorcist ~~ Mephisto Pheles, Rin Okumura and Amaimon

Blue Exorcist / Amaimon , Rin , Mephisto

Blue Exorcist/Durarara Crossover! I love it!~

Blue Exorcist/Durarara Crossover! I love it!~