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Solar Roof Tiles are the Future of Eco Homes and Friends to Home Budget

Modular Architectural Wind Microturbines Take Off

alternate view of aerovironment's rooftop wind turbines via inhabitat

the hexicon energy concept 8: Floating platform to harvest wind energy to generate up to 40MW of renewable power.

Wind Turbine Towers Win Metropolis Next Generation Prize!

Wind-it, the brilliant project aims to give our existing energy grid a much needed boost by installing wind turbines in ailing electrical transmission towers.

Strom erzeugende Markise... auch nicht schlecht … Mehr

Internorm Fenster, Türen, Sicherheit, photovoltaik Sonnenschutz, Belüftung

State University wind turbines at Progressive Field are overachievers

The four mounted turbines are generating more than 4.5 times as much energy than if the turbines were standing alone, according to data collected by Cleveland State University.