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Soup - Freunde von meinen Freunden


TEXT: Husband. n. The man who loves me beyond measure. He lifts me up when I'm down. Understands me like none other. Supports my every dream. Beli

Beziehungen,Freunde Zuerst,Nur Freunde,Du Bist Mein Freund,Echte Freunde,Freundschaft Zitate,Beste Beziehung Zitate,Wörter,Unsere

the guys who > pray for you, play with your hair, write notes,... lend you their coat, are good with kids, pick flowers..., go on walks with you,... want to protect you, you can talk with for hours, call you beautiful,... will wait for you, know who to be goofy,... sing you songs,... love life, & most of all love God ... Are the guys Worth Waiting for!