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Maxima plaga! - Romans Used 20-Sided Dice Two Millennia Before D -leider falsch, das ist ein römisches Gewicht für eine Tellerwage

This helmet is one of the best preserved of its kind face helmets as synthesis were not in combat, but worn by Roman cavalry soldiers in parades and competitions. The tournaments and parades appear under the Emperor Hadrian 117 -138 A.D.

In case of zombies…

In case of zombies… (I'm totally making one of these, if for no other reason than to display the man's zombie stuff.)

glass goods from Roman tombs of the 1st to 3rd century AD Romano-Germanic Museum in Cologne | Bodendenkmalpflege

Star Wars Death Star Kakburk

Mändäloriän - Boba Fett/Jägermeister Label

Trespassers Will Be Eaten by Zombies Metal Garden Yard Sign

Eindringlinge werden durch Zombies Metall Garten Hof Schild gegessen werden

Magic Gem: Egyptian deities and uterine symbol, surrounded by the Uroborosschlange Roman, Empire Second Second half - 1 Half 3 Century AD

cool aquariums | ... Aquarium System | The Cool Gadgets - Quest for The Coolest Gadgets