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Your moons, or lunula, are related to your Iodine levels. Low moons, small moons, or no moons indicate low iodine. Info on how to Properly supplement Iodine on this link (not my website, just good info with no sales).

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Alternately, push back that little flap of cartilage in your ear and lean in.

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What do your nails say about your health? Our bodies are incredible creations that are constantly speaking to us, giving us clues that allude to our internal health. According to a venerated Chinese medical text, “If something happe…

#Thyroid Health: If you have been diagnosed with thyroid problems like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, or Graves' disease, then you are going to want eat from this list weekly. There are also certain minerals that are essential for the healthy function of the thyroid gland.:

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